Miami Startup Bus Heads to SXSW

| 02/24/2011 |

Startup Bus Hwy 300x130 Miami Startup Bus Heads to SXSWImagine being stuck on a bus, for 3 days, with 29 other strangers, and having to rely on each other to build a start-up company, from scratch.  Those that hear about it have compared it to “The Apprentice” meets “The Amazing Race” meets “Road Rules”, but without the cameras.

Well, after a bar bet last year, that’s exactly how the idea of The Startup Bus came into existence.

Now, only one year later, 6 alumni from that inaugural trip are back. This time they are each heading up their own bus.

Among those alumni include our own fellow South Floridian – Steve Repetti from RadWebTech. Steve is not only the Miami conductor, but his company, RadWebTech is also helping to sponsor the Miami Bus.  RadWebTech is always on the lookout for standout startups that they can invest in, and actively encourages our local startup community to help bring innovation and business to South Florida.  They welcome this opportunity to help give great minds this chance to bring their ideas to life.  Steve also sits on the Board of the International Data Portability Organization which is devoted to give users control over their own data without proprietary control and the ability to take that data with them to any service they want.

Over the past several weeks, hundreds of invitations and applications have gone out, and as of this writing, the conductors are still combing through them to pick the cream of the crop.

Startup Bus Miami 300x48 Miami Startup Bus Heads to SXSW

Once they board the bus, anyone with an idea, a vision, a concept, or that entrepreneurial spirit can present to everyone else what they think is a potential winner.

Then, as everyone gets to know each other, they will break into several teams, determining each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  Together each team will build their own business and then pitch it to each other March 11th and 12th at their final

destination, Austin, TX during SxSWi (SouthBySouthWestInteractive).  Those interested to hear from the winning teams should be on the lookout for the final presentations on March 14th.

Startup Bus Miami GLM Miami Startup Bus Heads to SXSWSouth Florida Social Geeks are helping the Miami The StartupBus find sponsors. If you are a local business that would like to help sponsor the Miami StartupBus, please click HERE.

To learn more about The StartupBus, head over to their website and subscribe to their blog.  Soon, they will be announcing how you can follow the buses along their road trip via each individual bus and team’s blog and twitter account.

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